A few demo sliding block puzzles:

All the following puzzles have been designed tested and solved using SBPSolver
 and are published here thanks to PuzzleApplet

(Your browser has to be java enabled !)



Sample 1 (variation on an ancient puzzle called "Home Team Football")


LittleHouse (a quite difficult 4x5 puzzle: 231 piece moves !)


RushHour-39 (the well known game by Binary Arts - problem #39)


SwissMad 1 (audacity-interaction to mutualhelp-balance)


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Other samples of sliding block puzzles:

You will find other puzzles published with PuzzleApplet on the following web sites:


http://www.SlidingBlock.tk  (A lot of interresting puzzles developped using SBPSolver by Dries De Clercq).

If you publish your S.B. Puzzles with PuzzleApplet, let me know (softquipeut@culand.ch), I'll add your pages to this list.